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Adrien Kingolo and Wise Scooters recently parted ways but still has A TON of footage sitting around from when he was still on the team. Instead of letting all the clips rot away they decided to drop a farewell video for Adrien and we are so happy they did. Adrien stacked these clips during his trips with Wise all over the world and got the opportunity to work with many of our industries best filmers including Rudy Garcia, Martin Andre, and Nicolas Jacob. His “full send” mentality and deep bag of tricks were showcased in this video and made it clear that he is not only one of the most underrated riders in the world, but one of the best overall. We are so hyped that this part got to see the light of days and it shows a lot of maturity from both Adrien and Wise to make this project a reality even after they have parted ways. Big ups to both for making it possible, all love. Enjoy.


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