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(850) Daniel Cardenas | The Scooter Farm

Ladies and gentleman.....Daniel Cardenas. Daniel has been on a tear this year filming for multiple video parts and we are so hyped to finally see a portion of what he has been working on. He has decided that for the foreseeable future he will not post any clips on Instagram and put all of his time and effort into producing quality video parts for him and his friends that will be remembered for years to come. Daniel is such an influential figure in our scene today and we love that he has chosen to promote and grow such an important aspect of our sport that has been lacking in recent years. From founding Northern Limited, to being one of our industry's best filmers, to pushing his riding to new heights every day, his commitment and dedication to scootering is truly inspiring and does not go unnoticed. We hope you enjoy this part as much as we did, go show him some love on it.


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