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Trendkill just dropped a new video in collaboration with Bay Area Concrete and it is one for the ages. This one features riding from Jake Sorensen, Kirk Svenson, Kevin Closson, Antoine Ambramson, Matt Mckeen, David Coe, and many more amazing and influential riders. These boys have been working hard for this video for many months now and it is amazing to see all of their efforts pay off. Everyone involved in this project has contributed so much to scootering throughout the years and “Resurgence” is yet another amazing addition to their resume. From the trick selection, to the beautiful editing by Matt Mckeen, to the flawless filming by Antoine Abramson, this one is timeless and was exactly what scootering needed right now. Trendkill and the Concrete boys are constantly working to push our sport to new heights and we are so blessed to have people like them in our industry. Go show them all some love on this video, they deserve it. Hope you all enjoy.


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