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(873) Reece Doezema | Welcome to Ethic

THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER. 2019 rider of the year, Reece Doezma, just dropped his long awaited welcome to Ethic video and it is one for the ages. He filmed this project alongside the legend, Rudy Garcia , during their two month road trip throughout the states a few months back. Reece's incredibly fast paced riding style, mind boggling trick selection, full send mentality, and love for scootering were clearly illustrated in this part, and we could not think of a better way for him to be formally welcomed to the Ethic family. The amount of dedication there needed to be by Reece in order to film a twelve minute long video part in just two months is truly unfathomable, and we cannot wait for many more incredible surprises and jaw dropping moments from him in the future. Reece is hands down one of the best to ever set foot on a scooter and this video is proves just that. If you haven't already, go show him some love on this part, HE DESERVES IT. Big shout out as well to Rudy for killing it behind the lens as always, his passion for filming is extremely evident in every project he is apart of and we are so blessed to have him putting his talents toward the betterment of scootering. Much love to everyone involved, hope you all enjoy.

Reece also managed to put out two extra videos with all the throwaway footage he had sitting around from this project, and entered them in the FISE OCCITANIE street video contest. Both of these videos were hard packed with heavy clips, leaving us truly in awe of his ability to not only stack footage, but QUALITY footage, in such a short period of time. Enjoy.




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