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(878) Will Scott "Into the Darkness"

Ladies and gentleman....WILL SCOTT. The Aussie legend is fresh off of his AOSV5 deck promo and decided to bless our scene with yet another full length part. Very few riders have the drive, focus, and raw talent to finish a full project in six weeks, but Will is no ordinary rider. From terrifying hand rails, to flawless flips, to incredibly executed lines and ledge combos, this guy can truly do it all and that is made clear in this video. Will's deep and diverse bag of tricks allows him to catch his audience off guard with every clip and we are so keen to see what he cooks up next. Rider's as special as Will deserve to have a special filmer working alongside them, and he got just that. Dylan Connell killed it with every aspect of the production and he deserves to be recognized for his work. This was a masterpiece from start to finish, make sure you go show both Will and Dylan some love on it, they deserve it. Hope you enjoy.


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