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(880) Aztek Scooters - Mike Hohmann II

Mike Hohmann just dropped his long awaited second full part for Aztek Scooters and it is one of the best video parts to date. Mike is an artist on wheels and the streets is his canvas. Not many riders in the world are as comfortable as he is with all aspects of riding and this video is a testament to that. From mind melting manuals, to beautifully executed switch combos, to some of the gnarliest drops our sport has ever seen, he can truly do it all. Mike is a one of a kind rider and it would be near impossible to find someone with as much dedication, raw talent, and love for scootering as him. This was nothing short of a masterpiece and we are so blessed to have someone like Mike in our industry who is committed to pushing the limits of scootering each and every day. Go show him some love. Big ups as well to everyone who worked hard behind the lens on this project. Enjoy


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