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(900) AMUNT | (Tour Scooter dobleVdoble 2020) | FULL FILM

DobleVdoble shop from Valencia recently took a team trip through Northern Spain and managed to produce this incredible video along the way. This was hands down one of, if not the most, beautiful video of the year and that is thanks to the next level production by We Are Hype Agency as well as truly outstanding riding from Borja López, Carlos Ravello, Llatzer Piquer, Carlos Aguilar, and Diego Puchex. All of these guys have extremely deep and diverse bags of tricks and managed to find a wide variety of parks and spots that could showcase their riding to its fullest potential. The style of this video was unlike anything we have ever seen and was extremely refreshing to see an edit filmed this cinematically. The documentary aspect of the film was also a nice touch and allowed us as the viewer to gain a better understanding of the trip and got us more invested in what the team went through along the way. This video was all around next level, make sure you go show everyone involved in it some love. Hope you all enjoy.


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