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(919) 2024 OLYMPICS

The boys from Team Stunt Scoot just dropped a fantastic new video that they have been working on for the past year. This one features riding from Félix Morin, Félix Blouin, Félix Dumoulin, Félix Maltais Félix Talbot, Jérémy Blouin, Jérémy Lampron, Renaud Prégent, Victor Thériault, Justin Hamel, Guillaume Chenard, Jérôme Blanchard, Alexis Tremblay, Simon Darcy, Jérémy Lefebvre, and Louis Lefebvre. It is evident that all of these guys had an amazing time filming this project and we are so excited to see a group of young riders who are this committed to filming real edits. We cannot wait to see what they do next. Enjoy.


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