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Back in September Will Rosati dropped his latest mid-length project entitled "GREYWATER". This video documents the growing and dedicated scene in Philadelphia. Everything from the beautiful filming, to the grungy yet intentional spot selection, to the unique production showcased the genuine and authentic love for scootering that each and every one of these riders has. Not many videos fall into the "instant classic" category but it is safe to say that this masterpiece made the cut. Congratulations to Will for putting together such an incredible video and showcasing how beautiful scooters truly is. Go show him and everyone else involved some love. Hope you all enjoy.

Featured Riders:

Sam Worley

Noah Risser

David Suh

Pat Sweeny

Nick Lindsay-Abaire

Dezmond Young

Julien Lassance

Chris Maldonado

Evan O'Toole

Will Rosati

Luke Sullivan

Salvador Gonzalez

Jake Stork

Brandon Peters


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