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(967) Ilya Fayzulin | Trust Scooters Pro

Russian heavy hitter Ilya Fayzulin just dropped one of the most unexpected videos of the year. Ilya recently became pro for Trust Scooters and decided to go out into the streets of Moscow and Krasnodar to film a video that would commemorate this milestone in his career. The diversity that he showed in this part was astounding as he executed everything from roof drops, to manual combos, to daunting handrails with ease. It is clear after watching this one that his spot on the pro team was very well deserved, and we hope to see many more projects like this from him in the future. Amazing work as well by Vlad Shishov behind the lens, we have heard that he has a new video in the works as well so be on the lookout for that. Hope you all enjoy.


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