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(969) Park Tage 2 by Max Lobosco

Max Lobosco and co. just dropped another amazing video, showing us yet again just how much fun scootering really is. This is Max's seventh video of 2020 on his channel, and we are so excited to have someone in our industry who is this dedicated to consistently producing quality videos that will be remembered for years to come. So many talented riders were featured in this video, and they should all be extremely proud of the work that they put in to make this project what it was.

Big ups again to Max for producing so many beautiful edits this year, and we hope to see many, many more in 2021. This kid deserves more recognition for all his work, and we hope to see him get it soon as our industry pushes for a greater emphasis on quality content. Hope you all enjoy, and go watch one of Max's previous videos from this year.


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