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(983) INERTIA | Kinetic Crew

Kinetic Crew just dropped their heavily anticipated second full-length project "INERTIA". This young LA based crew is proof that the future of our sport is in good hands, and continues to astound us with their dedication and drive to get out and film every day. Long story short, these guys know how to put together a full-length, and we are so excited to see what they do next. special shout out to Alex Lopez, who was not only the primary filmer/editor, but also managed to put down one of the best parts in the video. Hope you all enjoy.

Big ups as well to Trendkill for consistently giving videos like this a place so be showcased on.

Featured Riders:

Alex Lopez

Blake Hayward

Brody Broumand

Carson Davis

Chin Bossler

Corey Lane

Frank Montes

Issac Padilla

Julian Lavelle

Tyler Bode

Tyler Herbert


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