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(994) Talisman by Speak Aparrel

Speak apparel dropped their third full length film a few months back, and it is the type of project that we will be talking about for years top come. This video features riding from Nate Gendron, Lew Hobbes, Stefan Travis, Billy Stodolski, Ben Bursell, Bobby Pantano, Justin Paquette, and many more incredibly talented individuals. These guys do it right, and the evidence for their love of scootering is pouring out of this project. Scootering is in desperate need of more videos like this, that do not only showcase the riding, put a major emphasis on the production, cohesiveness, and overall feel. Everyone involved in this one should be extremely proud of what all their hard work has created, and we are so proud to have people like this in our industry. Go show them some love, and make sure you watch this one more than once. Enjoy.

Check out the rest of the parts on Speak's youtube or click the links below:


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