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(1091) York Region Park Mix V2

Cameron McRobbie just dropped the sequel to last year's "York Region Park Mix". The boys up North put in the work for this video, managing to stack twenty-five minutes of footage. With good vibes and great riding, this video gets us excited to get out and ride with our homies, which at the end of the day is what scootering is all about. Big ups to Cameron McRobbie for spearheading this project, and we cannot wait for more like it in the future.


Ethan Kirk, Mitch Smitten, Jacob Bruno, Devin Morgan, Cameron Crook, Cameron McRobbie, Jeff Gouveia, Evan Psaila , Jaden Sherwood, Jesse Correia, Luke Kashiyama, Mitch Smitten, Riley, Ben Doner, Jack Kelly, Chris Doner, Jacob Pearcey, Mitch Tranmer, Jakob Lee, Mathieu Nicolas, Kaelen Morgan, Papi Steph and Christopher Setinas


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