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  • (1241) Bluemoon(day) | Quite the Entrance

    Bluemoon(day) is a French based clothing brand created by Bradley Morrissey and Maxime Bouzid. Since their launch back in April they have released three projects which each showcase a different assortment of french talent ranging from up and comers to household names. Each projects follows the crew's through their travels around a differnt city, displaying not only incredible scootering, but fresh terrain and beautiful scenery. Excited for more from these guys. featuring Didine Terchague, Jonathan Perroni, Maxime Bouzid, Adriene Kingolo, Auguste Pellaud, and Ivan Jimenez filmed and edited by Bradley Morrissey featuring Thomas Gibault and Thibaud Dequeker filmed and edited by Bradley Morrissey featuring Maxime Bouzid, Arnaud Andres, Abed Alamine, and Lucas Saint-Halaire filmed and edited by Bradley Morrissey

  • (1240) North Scooters | Recent Endeavours

    The American and European teams over at North had quite the year. The search for fresh terrain took the teams to Monreal and Zurich, while Jonathan Leggett and William Holm were hard at work on their inaugural projects. It is safe to say that North has one of the most talented and well rounded squad's in the game right now and these videos are a testament to that. featuring Jon DeVrind, Ryan Ruegg, Riley Maltais, Devin Morgan, and Lachlan Gauchier filmed and edited by Erik Karl Jonathan Leggett's Counting Starfishes filmed by Adrien Chabbey, Adrien Gay-Crosiers, Patrick Ila ,Adaś Niedźwiedzki, and Love Svensson edited by Jonathan Leggett featuring Ioan Middleton, Robin Hartmann, Oliver Sekel, Dylan Ditchfield, Ramon Hartmann, and Morgan Raybould video by Dylan Ditchfield a video starring William Holm produced by Love Svensson

  • (1239) Team/Crew Videos You May Have Missed

    featuring Anthony Michlik, Arthur Langrand, Abed Haliba, Luca Lardennois, Matis Deleplanque, Alexandre Baillly, Anthony Faraci, and David Senkyr filmed and directed by Maxime Pesin featuring Trystan Knap, Devin Szydlowski, Garrett Brazz, Dan Rey, Jeremy Blouin, Felix Talbot, Jeremy Houde, and Casey Strictland filmed by Alex Blais, Felix Blouin, and Jeff Bernier edited by Dan Rey featuring Felix Talbot, Trystan Knap, Jeremy Houde, Justin Hamel, Jeremy Blouin, Felix Blouin, Jacob Bruno, Devin Szydlowski, Garrett Braz, Riley Maltais, and more filmed and edited by Alex Blais & Cagoule Danger. featuring Joel Ingold, Kai Saunders, Dylan Morrison, Indy Clayson, Charlie Stamp, Aiden Gomez, and Bernie Concanon filmed and edited by Cam Lawrence featuring Stepan Grishin, Vlad Butnarchuk, Misha Zhigalov, Ivan OGmel, Zahar Mikhin, Nikita Saveliev, Daniil Dudko, Alexander Hohlov, Damir Tadzhitinov, Ilias Zripov, Ilia Fayzulin, Daniil Grishin, andAlexander Kozin filmed and edited by Kostya Kozlov featuring Anthony Michlik, Abed Haliba, Arthur Taps, Ewen Dausse, and Hugo Chen filmed and edited by Ewen Dausse

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  • Online Waiver | OHLAY Brand

    PREPARE TO RIDE WAIVER & SAFETY INFORMATION ​ ​ Freestyle scooter riding is dangerous. Scootering presents a significant inherent risk of serious physical injury, including paralysis, disability or death. When you ride at OHLAY Brand Events, you voluntarily assume all risks associated with riding. ​ Event participants (riders) must complete a waiver. Filling out the waiver online before the event will save you time the day of the event. ​ For those riders under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian* must complete a waiver on the riders behalf. ONLINE WAIVER

  • Synapse Presentation | OHLAY Brand

    OHLAY Brand | Synapse Presentation PDF.pdf

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