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(1207) Caleb Eldridge & Austen Hailey | Dirty Mix Rough Cut

Caleb Eldridge and Austen Hailey have had quite the year. From Austen's video for AO, to Caleb's Brother part, to their work in Brother's NYC video, and finally to their LA split part for us a few months back, they are without question two of the most talented and hardest working young riders in the game right now.

Their LA video was filmed and edited by the lovely Ruben Rodriguez. After the video had been out for a few months he took it upon himself to compile all of the raw footage, hoping to give you a sense of their process. We are so glad he did. After watching we hope you gain newfound level of respect for Austen, Caleb, and Ruben. These guys are the real deal and we are thrilled that we were able to send them on this trip. Go show them some love.


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