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(1231) Aztek | Recent Months

Coming off their full length DVD "lotus", it was unsure what we would see from the Aztek squad in 2023. Was this going to be a regroup year where they would sit back and admire the work that they had done? They deserve it after all...

Early in the year it became clear that taking a break was not in the cards for this squad as they quickly dropped a project docuenting their travels in South Africa, welcomed Victor Varela to the team in stellar fashion with his footage in "Rifle" alongside Austin Coates, supported Mike Hohmann's extremely productive Barcelona excursion, and more recently released their very well recieved Tokyo project. These fools do not stop.

Talent is one thing, but drive is what sets things in motion. Aztek has without question assembled one of the most driven teams in scootering and this is evident in the footage they produce. Finally, we would be remiss if we did not give Dan Rey, Matteo Mencuccini, and Logan fuller their flowers for their beautuful work behind the camera. These guys are the lifeblood of our industry and are doing incredible work that will allow these moments in time to live on and be appreciated for years to come.

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