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(1234) Trendkill Collective | Hard at Work

Trendkill has established themselves as an extremely influential presence in scootering over the past several years. Over this past year they have supported and given a platform to countless projects, not only from well known brands and riders such as Parallel Supply, Affinity, Pol Roman, Jake Smith, Kirk Svensson, Basis, and many more, but consistently shone a light on poeple who deserve recognition but could have been overlooked if not for this opportunuty. Matt and David's efforts are evident and has led to to the creation of a platform that serves our community exceptionally well and ensures the longevity of the most important aspects of our industry.

As if this was not enough, Matt McKeen & Jack Colston recently unveiled their brainchild "Sympathy" to the world, along with a mid-length project featuring some of the most talented dudes in the game. This is a special one and will undoubtedly be looked back on as a landmark in this generation's catalogue of video projects.

Featuring riding from Justin Lacosse, Devin Szdlowski, Kirk Svensson, Matt McKeen, Will Weske, Jack Colston, and many more

Filmed by Anton Abramson, Jack Colston, Logan Fuller, Matt McKeen, Murray Ager, Parrish Isaacs, Will Weske Stephan August, and Devin Szydlowski

Edited by Matt McKeen

Some of our favourite projects Trendkill supported this year


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