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(1261) AO Scooters | Recently

Tim Sturmlin took his annual trip top Barcelona with Pol Roman and got down to business. This guy never disappoints.

Ben Sullivan has made it abundantly clear that his spot on the AO squad is well deserved. This guy is going places.

Two weeks worth of Nir Tuvia footage he gathered on his adventures around the streets of Switzerland with his good friend Stan Ravaioli. Beautiful scootering captured in a beautiful city...cannot get better than that.

This video represents a new chapter for Jop. As he battled through some mental health issues the past few years he pushed through with the help pf his family, friends, and scootering. We are so happy to see him doing well and continuing to do what he loves.

Juju Smith recently received a signature deck with AO scooters and teamed up with Daniel Cardenas for the promo video. This one is a good time. Hope you enjoy.


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