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(1314) Prime Scooters | Been Busy

Lucas had a year that will be hard to top. Alongside his many video projects, stellar contest performances, and dominant street jam record, he finished the year with his first signature bar with Prime. If anyone deserves it he does.

Prime and Mokovel joined forces and brought us one of the best projects of the year. Love to see companies working together to make new and interesting things happen for the community. We need more of this. Hope you all enjoy.

Didine is back with a new piece for Prime in collaboration with his good friend and cameraman Martin Du Champ. Didine is forever one of the greats. Love live the Pirate.

It is rare that videographers gets the recognition they deserve, especially when it comes to signature products and adequate compensation for their work. This video is a beautiful representation of Prime's gratitude toward Martin and an ode to Martin's love for scootering and the people he has met through it


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