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Get ready to HAVE YOUR MIND ABSOLUTELY MELT by one of the greatest videos that has ever been released within Scootering history. The new wave of riders is here & Byron Mitchell is at the lead of pushing the progression of our sport. Byron worked tirelessly to produce the best video he possibly could and it shows in the end result: which is hands down one of the most progressive videos of all time. Every single clip in this incredibly fast-paced 3 minute & 30 second video is truly pushing the limits of what is possible on a scooter. Byron flips his scooter around quite possibly faster than anyone who has ever rode a scooter in history. There are countless worlds first in this video, and they come at you second after second. You're going to need to watch this video a lot more than 1 time to truly comprehend what just happened. Byron is incredibly young now, with more opportunities and more years on a scooter under his belt the future is looking bright for the progression of our sport. The new Brendon Smith is here, enjoy. Show some love to Byron (@byromes) & share this video. Film & Edit: @ryan_mochan_edits


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