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(351) Woodward West 2019, Jarupa Ride Day, and High Jump Competition │ Vault Rides - Episode 1

This video features tons of incredible riding from the Vault team and friends. 20+ minutes of raw Scootering, this is one you don't want to miss. Get ready to see some mind-blowing clips out at Woodward West from Cody Flom, Andrew Zamora, Sean Cardwell, Pierce Goodwin, Mia Catalano, Nate Pena & many more riders. After 10+ minutes of great footage at Woodward West the video transitions on into the Vault's recent ride day at Jurupa Skatepark with the Undialed boys. From there the video transitions into a high jump contest. This new series from the Vault is one you don't want to miss. Top-notch quality content & great riding throughout.


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