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(358) Boston Street Jam 2019 | Story & Recap Video

This years Boston Street Jam was absolutely incredible. This jam was by far the largest & most successful jam in Boston yet, and will surely be the beginning of a new era for street jam's in Boston to come.

Several hundred riders showed up to throw down and have an absolutely incredible day, at an incredibly diverse group of spots throughout the city.

Badgerclit: 50-50 to FS Board to Heel

The spots selected had something for everyone, and all the riders were certainly stoked on it. It was so great seeing everyone together.

EYEING UP THE SPOT W/: Jake Sorensen, Baderclit, Riley Maltais, Logan Fuller, Sugar Shane Malecha, Jason Cheety, & Andrew Quinn

For me personally, {Jared Adelson} it was incredible, truly incredible to see my hometown filled with so many riders. For years when I was growing up in a suburb close-by Boston I would ride alone as the scene was much smaller just a few years ago. As the time goes by more and more people are riding scooters and its truly incredible to see the progress year after year. With great pleasure we witnessed hundreds of individuals come together to begin the day at Lynch Family Skatepark, and I surely would never have thought {when I was younger} I would ever see so many riders together in Boston.

A big ups to Austin Coates for taking home the win with an absolutely wild whip to barspin down the Prudential 18 stair {as seen below}. Jake Sorensen for 2nd & Justin Phillips for 3rd.

Austin Coates (@coates.auzzi) - Whip to Barspin at Prudential 18 Stair

And a huge shoutout to Garrett Braz {above, rocking our new Noseblunt T} for putting the jam on & making it happen for all of the riders involved.

And now, please enjoy: Andrew Young's recap of the jam, that showcases all of the madness that went down through Andrew's perspective.

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