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(361) 20 YEARS OF SCOOTERING: Helmeri Pirinen Documentary

This video is an absolute must watch & really a part of Scootering history right here. Lewis Crampton teams up with Helmeri Pirinen to produce one of the highest quality (if not, the highest quality) Scootering documentary within our industry to date. Helmeri's story is absolutely remarkable and Lewis could not have done a better job showcasing the history of Helmeri's impact on Scootering & his personal growth over the years. Helmeri Pirinen has been riding since 1999, making him one of the longest Scooter riders on the planet, having 20 years under his belt. Helmeri has exponentially grown the scene in Finland through his own Scooter shop: Fin Scooter Shop. Not only has Helmeri pushed the limits of what can be done on a Scooter, he has pushed the limits of what can be done for the entire community. Thank you Helmeri for your endless dedication and time to Scootering & a huge shoutout to Lewis Crampton for producing this remarkable piece, this is exactly what Scootering needs.

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Dec 08, 2023

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