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(379) Christoffer Buraas | Welcome to Striker

Christoffer Buraas is what i call a scooter rider. He doesn't care what he rides, or what is put in front of him, he will just shred it. Christoffer shows us his skill on both his transition ability, and his technical ability, from ripping up rails and ledges, huge jump boxes, and showing his balance with his manual and nose manual skills. You can clearly see why striker put Christoffer on the team, and we all know that he will be shining all the more so in the future. Well done Christoffer and good luck on your success. Go check out Christoffer's Instagram and keep up to date with the latest on his riding and involvement in the industry.


Torjus Dalen, Andreas Helen, Martin Fosselie, Issam Bo

Martin Stangenes, Linus Kveen, Alberth Straume, Peter Myhre

William Zahl, Lukas Fuglerud, August Gulbrandsen, Erik Iversen


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