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(646) COVID19 by Ewen Dausse

Ewen Dausse just dropped a new video on his channel and it is UNBELIEVABLE. On account of all the insanity going on in our world right now Ewen decided to name this video "COVID19". Whether you are quarantined for a few days or just are in the mood to watch some scootering, you are in for a treat. This video features riding from Gus Aubert, Ethan Izzi, Martin Du Champ Antoine Waymel, Sanoussi Diarra, Lucas Di Meglio, Thibault Dequeker, Anthony Michlik, Johan Maleirach, and Leonard Menguy. All of these boys killed it in this one and make if clear why they are considered some of the most underrated rider on the planet. Go show all the riders some love on this one, they killed it. Big shout out as well to Ewen for killing it behind the lens as always. Enjoy.


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