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(774) Copenhagen 4 by Mathias Holst

Mathias Holst just dropped an incredible video filmed throughout March of this year in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. This masterpiece features footage from some of the most stylish and technical riders on the planet including; Mathias, Jeppe Mikkelson, Isac Cornelins, Hugo Svarem, Luis Oppel, Johan Grunwald, and Jakob Noes. On account of the twenty four year old VX that they filmed on there was a lot of trouble cutting and importing the clips, so the majority of this video was screen recorded from Mathias' PC and then edited. You need to be truly talented and motivated to hit that many technical roadblocks and still manage to produce a video of this quality, so shout out to Mathias for that, go show him some love. Huge ups as well to everyone else who contributed to this video, you all killed it. Here's to "Copenhagen 5"! Hope you all enjoy.


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