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(866) Collin Treacy - Lake George Day Edit │ The Vault Pro Scooters

The Vault just dropped a new day edit featuring Collin Treacy, Zac Eldib, Jeb Politte, and Tanner Damico. Collin recently purchased a new camera and decided what better way to break it in than to head out to Lake George and film for a day with his homies. Every one of these guys has an outrageous bag of tricks and it is hard to believe that they managed to stack all of this footage in just one session. Big shout out to Collin, Zac, Jeb, and Tanner for working hard to produce quality content like this in a time where our industry is in great need of it. Lots of love as well to the Vault for working hard everyday to make scootering better. Hope you all enjoy.


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