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(886) Y2K raw - Parrish Isaacs and Jon DeVrind

The boys over at Evil Corp. just dropped a new batch of b-side footage from their most recent mid length project "Y2K". Every video part that these guys put out is one for the ages and this raw series is an incredible insight into the amount of hard work and dedication that they put into each and every clip. This installment features footage from the Legends Parrish Isaacs and Jon Dev, and it does not disappoint. Both Parrish and Jon have incredibly unique style and trick selection which make for an incredibly entertaining and fast paced eighteen minutes of footage. We are so hyped that they decided to let all the raw clips see the light of day and we truly cannot wait for the next one. Hope you all enjoy. Link to the full "Y2K" video is down below:

Y2K by Evil Corp.


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