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(947) Scootfest 2020 4th Place (1) | Team Finland

Team Finland came in swinging this year and managed to tie the Czekia for fourth place overall. The finish riders competing in the King of Street event all went out together to film their videos, giving them a very cohesive and feel-good vibe. Their highest score posted this year was a whopping 91.8 from the incredibly talented Niko Kylmala, earning him 3rd place in King of Street. Soshvi Puska also walked away with a very solid score, seating her in 6th in Queen of Park/Street. Only these two riders were able to secure a spot in the top ten of their discipline, however, this takes nothing away from their incredible performance as a whole. It is safe to say that these were some of the most enjoyable of the entire contest and we are excited to see so much young talent represented in all three categories. The Fins should be extremely proud of how their country was represented this year and they were well deserving of Todd Grady's Most Valuable Team award.

Full Finish Team:

Kassu Palen (captain)

Niko Kylmäla

Eetu Kangasniemi

Oiva Lehtonen

Heppu Tommila

Mika Jäävalo

Kert Õunapuu

Matias Rantakokko

Sohvi Puska

Veeti Tuutti - OUT


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