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(955) Hella Grip x Breakfast | What's It All Worth?

The wait is finally over! Hella Grip and Breakfast recently dropped their heavily anticipated collaboration project and it is one for the books. Both of these groups are chalk full of incredibly talented riders including Devin Szydlowski, Jack Mount, Jake Sorenson, Kevin Closson and Jayden Mazzo, to name a few. On top of this they had the Daniel Rey working his magic with the filming and editing, as well as additional help from Anton Abramson behind the lens. These two are universally considered some of the best filmers in the industry, and when looking at their portfolios it is no wonder that they put together one of the most beautiful videos of the year. It is not often that you find a group of riders who can combine effortless style with high amplitude tricks like this, and that is what sets them apart from the masses. Quality, quality, quality is the name of the game for these guys and we are so excited to se what they cook up next. Enjoy.


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