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The boys from Mokovel just dropped an incredible new project featuring riding from their pro team worldwide. This video includes riding from Maxime Bouzid, Ivan Jimemez, Dante Hutchinson, Eden Gagliano, Nick Tedrick, Auguste Pellaud, and more. This heavy hitting lineup takes to the streets of Lyon, Barcelona, North Carolina, and Wolverhampton giving us a feel of how Mokovel has been impacting the "Scoot Culture" on a global scale. Mokovel's philosophy of "scoot culture" is amazing for our scene today as it values community and inclusivity surrounding our shared love for scootering. Videos like this one put a smile on our face, not only because of the world class riding, but because of the intentionality, good vibes, and respect for the process that each and every one of these guys has. The Mokovel family does it right and we are so excited to see what they do next. Big shout out as well to Matteo Mencuccini, Rudy Garcia, Jay Matthews, Antoine Baldisseri, Maxime Bouzid, Ewen Dausse, and Wyatt Brown for holding it down behind the lens and to Antoine, again for the incredible editing. Hope you all enjoy.

Mokovel's new clothing line just dropped as well so make sure you go check it out. Link below:


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