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(970) BLUNT Qualitat / Summer Trip 2020

THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER. Blunt Scooters just released the trip video from their pro team's summer trip to Germany, and it is one of our favorite videos of the year. This project was an all around team effort that featured a variety of riding styles from French legends Jonathan Perroni, Charles Padel, and Flavio Pesenti, beautiful cinematography from Martin Du Champ, and breathtaking still shots from Jeremy Suchet. This video encapsulates the Blunt team's dedication to the filming process, their wholesome love of scootering, and their contagious positive outlook on whatever is put in front of them. Not many videos can tow the line between street and park as well as this one did, and that speaks to the rider's diversity, as well as Martin's expertise behind the lens. Big ups to everyone involved in this project, go show them some love. Cannot wait to see what there guys cook up next. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


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