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(977) Kostya Kozlov | AO Scooters 2020

Russian ripper Kostya Kozlov just dropped his new video for AO and it is one for the ages. We knew this video was going to be heavy, but we do not think anyone expected this. It is safe to say that this part has moved Kostya up into a new class of elite riders, as he seemed to draw inspiration from riders such as Devin Szydlowski, Didine Terchague, and Mike Hohmann. On top of this, it is clear that he has grown into his own unique and diverse style of riding as he executes everything from daunting drops, to outrageous handrails, to incredible technical variations with ease. We are extremely excited to see such a young rider putting out a video of this caliber, and we know that he has so much more left in the tank. The future is looking bright with guys like Kostya leading the charge. Make sure you go show him some love on this part, he deserves it. Enjoy. (Watch this one a few times, it only gets better)


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