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(982) Lucas Di Meglio | Prime x Raw Bar Promo

Ladies and gentleman...Lucas Di Meglio. Lucas was recently picked up by the new France based company, Prime Scooters, and decided to film a promo video for their first model of bars. He filmed this video alongside up and coming filmer Maxime Pesin, who is fresh off the release of his first full length project entitled "ALPHA". As soon as we heard that these two were working on a project together we knew it would be special, and it is safe to say our expectations were met. You would be hard pressed to find a rider with as much raw talent as Lucas, and this video is proof. In only a month and a half of filming Lucas managed to put together one of the best all around videos of the year, and he should be extremely proud of the work he put in. Big ups to both Lucas and Maxime for going hard to make this video what it was, and to Prime for giving their riders the opportunity to film projects like this. Enjoy.


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