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The Kai Saunders Interview

Welcome to the second episode of The OHLAY Brand Podcast, and our very first rider interview. In this episode host, Jared Adelson, interviews the one and only: Kai Saunders.

In case you are unfamilar with Kai we will provide you with a brief introduction: Kai hails from Australia and at just 18 years of age, he has quickly rose the ranks and has become one of the best riders on the planet as he clearly demonstrates in his video part that dropped last week for Native Scooters. Kai has been pushing the limits of what is possible for several years now doing some of the best manual, full whip, and bartwist combos imaginable, as well as 50-50ing his way down some of the largest rails we’ve ever seen. Kai was a part of this years winning team in the Dissidence Coalition contest taking place in Barcelona. Kai can do essentially anything imaginable on a scooter, with beautiful style as well. Kai has over 170,000 followers on Instagram and 75,000 subscribers on Youtube. Kai and his riding has risen extremely fast in the past few years, and now he is an inspiration to riders all around the world.

This show will take you through the mind of the best scooter riders on the planet, while delivering tools, habits, lessons learned, and tactical advice from the worlds best riders to you. The hopes of this podcast is to constantly be motivating, inspiring, entertaining, and providing valuable insight for individuals around the world.

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