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(382) Zig Short | Throwback Thursday

At OHLAY Brand, every now and again we will be doing a throwback video every Thursday, educating new, and fellow riders of our history of our sport, and those involved. In addition to that, we will be showing a video of our most influential riders,and there videos, as we offer some insight into the individual. This week is none the less the legend himself Zig Short.

For all of you that perhaps came into scootering around 2011, most would remember the notorious rider Zig short, who was mostly known for his drops, switch heel sex changes, board briflips, but most importantly his board bar board combos. Zig short was like the Stevie Williams of scootering. Stevie Williams is unfortunately known for 'that skater that pushes mongo' which is completely irrelevant if you knew who he was, and why he was known. Like Zig short, he has his own style, and his own way of riding which no one could ever match. My memories of Zig Short where the Paris street Jam clips, and especially being the first scooter rider to ride flow for Nike 6.0.

Now it's 2019 and Zig Short has took up his own personal path in life by becoming a Certified Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor, and has had the best of success. We hope to see Zig Short back riding again one day, and we wish him the very best of his continued success. Go check out Zig Short's Instagram, and keep an eye out for his return.


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