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(217) NATIVE - 2019

WOW... THIS VIDEO WAS NEXT-LEVEL. The Native guys PUT IN WORK for this video and it couldn't be more clear in the culmination of this 7 minute video filled with truly next level riding. Banger after banger in the streets of Australia this is one you seriously cannot miss.

The guys at Native are doing it right in every aspect. Putting in the work, time, and effort to produce a true masterpiece like this one. With an incredible team of riders, and extremely top-notch looking parts Native, a rider owned company, is surely on the way to becoming one of the top brands in the world. A big up to these guys for putting in the work - now GO WATCH THIS VIDEO (or watch it a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time) and have your mind truly blown by what is possible on a Scooter.

Featuring: Nathan Fleming Brandon Rea Regan Thompson Kai Saunders Reece Jones Dylan Connell Clay Muche-Williams Josh Muche-Williams Keedan Mitchell Taylor Nicholls


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