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(298) Aztek Scooters | Atown Am 2019

This years 1st ever A-Town AM was a contest for the history books of Scootering. A-Town was a remarkable success created by Jake Hershey & the guys at Aztek Scooters for Amateur Riders. The contest blew everyones expectations out of the water, and was truly a joy to see the community come together. More events like A-Town are essential for the growth of true scootering - simply getting everyone stoked to ride, while truly pushing ones personal limits. A-Town is a testimate to what can happen when you truly have the scooter community COLLABORATE to make something memorable. Congrats to the winners:

1st: Kevin Closson

2nd: Jason Cheety

3rd: Philip Sorenson

Filmed by Mike Hohmann and Dom Marconi

Edited by Anton Abramson


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