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(342) OHLAY Brand | A Response to Scooter Brad's Recent Documentary

In the last week there has been lots of talk within the industry after the release of Scooter Brad's recent documentary. After viewing Brad's documentary, we felt it was essential to make a response; in both video and textual form. Above you will find our video response & below you will find a written response.

A Manifesto in Response to Scooter Brad's Recent Documentary:


Our sport is in dire need of an unbiased, professional, & consistent hub to help scooter riders grow & help video parts keep churning. OHLAY Brand has been created to help & showcase the true core of Scootering in a professional manner to be easily consumed & distributed by riders for riders worldwide. We have taken the initiative to bring as much as we can to the industry full-forced & dedicate all the energy we have to do what is best for the sport. We are calling ALL RIDERS from all walks of life, from all riding styles, to all ages, demographics, interests, for your genuine support & belief in what we do. With the true support of the industry WE CAN take what we do to a whole different level. Every decision we make, have made, & continue to make is with the best interest of the core of Scooter Riding. We are here to provide the content hub for the industry to ensure quality raw scootering content flourishes at the highest rate possible. Our brand is able to flourish through YOUR SUPPORT & the support of the core of the community. With all this being said, we aim to grow the largest, unbiased source of raw scooter content worldwide. We do the work behind the scenes so you can easily consume, find & enjoy true Scooter Riding in its truest essence. We will continue to showcase the worlds best talent & creativity from riders of all walks of life, pro, not-pro, amateur etc. We are here to ENCOURAGE TRUE GROWTH & add professionalism to the showcase of Raw Scootering.

We have developed a platform that showcases the largest library of Scootering videos on Earth today with over 300+ features on our website. We have created the world’s only Worldwide Event Calendar. We have provided exposure to HUNDREDS of up & coming riders worldwide. We have hosted 10+ in person community based Ride Days that PROMOTE THE PROGRESSION, fun & love of Scootering. We are in this for the love of the sport. With true support from the core of the industry, we will and are quickly becoming able to provide real & significant opportunities to Scooter Riders worldwide. Supporting OHLAY Brand is supporting the core of Scootering & helping provide exposure to those PUTTING IN WORK & going unrecognized. In order for our sport to grow to its fullest potential, while maintaining the core that we all love we must COME TOGETHER as riders to be able to provide more opportunities quickly and easily within the community.

We are asking riders all around the world to: submit us your YouTube Video Parts. With your support & more content constantly churning we are determined to provide riders with real & significant opportunities & experiences, that they deserve. Our brand is growing day by day & this is surely still just the beginning. A deep thank you to all of you who have made it this far #OHLAYBrand

We're very excited to be releasing the Scooters | World Roller Games 2019 Photobook tomorrow.

We welcome you to further support us in the mission of growing Freestyle Scootering by purchasing any of our clothing available at our Shop here.


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