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(391) Crew Tapes 2 - The Unnoted

According to Transition Zine, the Unnoted Crew were placed in the crew tapes last minute, and they didn't disappoint neither. So far this has been my favorite crew tape, and it was especially great to see some welsh talent. From riding train station benches, and downing Big Mac burgers, the guys at Unnoted came through with a memorable video. The overly of 90's and 80's melodic sounds, reminds me of the old skool nostalgia i used to get from watching JBS videos with the homies, whilst getting hyped up to ride. Hopefully The Unnoted will get you off your feet after watching 19 minutes of madness, and into the streets, or your local skate park. Go give the lads mad props, on their Instagram page, and give each rider a follow, and show your support for the crew.


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