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(546) Cozy Presents: "Novelty"

The Canadian boys from Cozy Crew just dropped an eight minute masterpiece entitled "Novelty" and it is one you do not want to miss. This video features riding from Cameron McRobbie, Devin Morgan, Jacob Pearcy, Cam Crook, Mitch Smitten and many more outstanding riders. The guys decided to call this one "Novelty" because they realized that as they get older and move apart it truly is a novelty to be able to get all the boys together to film for projects like this. Massive props to everyone involved in this project for finding time to film for real video parts and for putting all they had into it, the work showed. Huge shout out as well to Mitch Smitten for editing this it, very well done. Go show these boys some love on this one, enjoy.


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