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(462) Cap Gun

Cap Gun is a absolute masterpiece of a creation by: Erik Olsen. Cap Gun features 30+ minutes of truly top-notch riding. Erik did a truly spectacular job creating this video, pouring his all into what he does, & the end result is a true beauty to see. This video truly captures the amazing essence that makes Scootering what it is, and why so many individuals around the world love to ride a scooter. Scootering offers an outlet to exercise your creativity & make friends all over the world, and this video really does a great job showing the tight-nit friends that come along with riding & the endless fun, pain, laughter & true enjoyment that comes with it too. This is a video you DO NOT WANT TO MISS. Sit down, grab a beer or some popcorn & get comfortable to watch this one, because your in for a real treat. Enjoy this film by Erik Olsen (AKA: @e.karl)

Featuring: Mark Sauer Nick Munt Oscar Farley Sava Muller Jayden Edwards Zeke Rosa Landen Sirek Vinny Yager Zander Whiting Jamin Larson Ryan Hoffman Andrew Zamora Tommy Christiana Benny Christensen Jackson Harrington Dakota Knight Reece Doezema Devin Szydlowski Riley Lehman Brian Griffin Antonio Cervantes Maksym Khutorianskyi Garrett Braz


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