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Get ready for some of the GNARLIEST RIDING of all time, by the man, the myth, the legend: Juzzy Carter. As to be expected, Juzzy comes in so heavy with his newest project for Syndicate. Featuring some of the most mind bending rails, nose manuals & technicality that has ever occured on a scooter, this video is nothing short of spectacular. The last minute of footage in this 3 minute masterpiece will have your jaw melting to the floor. Juzzy rides like truly NO ONE else on the planet & is really just on his own stratosphere. Somehow he manages to make some of the gnarliest tricks to ever happen look easy. Juzzy is an absolute wizard, and this video is one you cannot miss. Enjoy

Filmed By: Jordan Turner, Mark Pudovkin, Kevin Austin, Jarrad Smith, Matteo Mencuccini, Tom Holubowski, Issac Miller and Pol Roman.

Edit By: Matteo Mencuccini

SUPPORT RIDER OWNED SHOPS, like the awesome dudes at Syndicate Store for helping push the industry forward. Now enjoy this legendary video, and go watch it a 2nd time.


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