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(714) 100 TRANSITIONS (Full Length)

This video is a perfect summary of what exactly Scootering is & why it is truly such an amazing + fun sport. Longtime legend: JD Rand edited this masterpiece together to highlight the countless fun sessions and fun times Scootering has brought to him and his friends in France. Luckily for us, JD's friends he's having sessions with happen to be some of the best riders on the planet. Not only does this video feature some truly extraordinary riding, it perfectly captures the essence, fun & love that is Scootering. These guys are ALWAYS having a great time, pushing through the streets, chilling at the skatepark, or getting rowdy wherever they are. This video is the essence of Scootering right here. Enjoy


JD Rand, Maxime Bouzid, Nicolas Jacob, Flavio Pesenti, Boris Germain, Jonathan Perroni, Rémi Flipo, Auguste Pellaud, Didine Terchague, Baptiste Tonnerre, Bradley Morrissey, Franck Sarcy, Balthazar Neveu, Lucas Wisdorff, & many more awesome riders who have pushed our sport to new heights.

Edited By: JD Rand


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