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(753) Kevin Austin | "Runaway" Glides

THE WAIT IS OVER. River Wheel Co. has just dropped Kevin Austin’s signature wheel promo part and it is beautiful. Kevin filmed this video part with Sean Furze behind the lens and they were very intentional in how they wanted the video to feel. They worked hard to ensure that this it emphasized Kevin’s clean riding style and incredibly diverse bag of tricks as well as making sure that the riding and filming came together to give the finished product a more relaxed feel than any of his other videos. This part makes it clear why he is a legend in our sport, and we are so hyped to finally have another piece of content from him. Rumour has it that his first project for Native Scooters is in the works and will be out sooner than we think so keep your eyes peeled for that. Huge shoutout again to Kevin and Sean for putting all they had into this one, go show them some much deserved love on it. Big ups as well to River for treating their riders right by giving them signature products like this and encouraging the filming of real video projects. Hope you all enjoy.


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