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(754) Nolan Shoemaker | AZ HEAT

Nolan Shoemaker recently took a trip down to Arizona and filmed this outrageous video to commemorate the trip. He was in AZ for a week and filmed this one with Daniel Cardenas behind the lens. Nolan has recently began showing an interest in the more technical side of his riding and it seems that this video marks a turning point in his riding career. That is not to say that he is done with his park riding (he still has much more in the tank), but , makes it clear that he has no trouble walking the fine line between the two styles of riding, making him one of the most diverse riders in our sport today. We have heard talk of Nolan working on a full part as well so stay on the lookout for that. Big ups to Nolan and Daniel for killing it with this project and we CANNOT WAIT to see what they do next, enjoy.


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