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(943) Scootfest 2020 9th Place | Team Germany

Team Germany ended up taking home ninth place in this years contest. The Germans were also hit with some lockdown trouble resulting in three out of their nine riders, including team captain Malte Blum, being unable to produce a video. However, a couple riders were able to overcome these unfortunate circumstances and post some exceptional scores for their country. Timon Kunze ended up taking home 11th place in the king of street contest while only having two days to film his video and Katharina Albrecht made it onto the podium with a 3rd place in the Queen in street/park contest. Overall very respectable effort by the Germans this year. Make sure you click the link up above to check out all of Germany's entries.

Full German Team:

Malte Blum (Captain) - OUT

Max Lueckert

Timon Kunze

Niklas Wellendorf

Sam Rohdenburg

Pascal Müller

Katharina Albrecht

Gleb Kryukov - OUT

Philipp Lersch - OUT


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