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(944) Scootfest 2020 8th Place | Team New Zealand

Although falling into a little bit of trouble with the rules, it was a very strong contest overall for the Kiwis. A few of the riders who were planning on being in the park contest ended up not being able to compete, leaving the NZ squad in a tough position regarding the rules on the number of street and park entries. Despite these challenges, they were still post some incredible scores and making their country proud. In the king of street contest Connor Ransley took home 10th place, Beau Wing was just behind him in a tie for 11th, and Jordan Chan's video earned him a very respectable 16th. It was a very solid showing in the queen of street/park contest as well with team captain Alexandra Madsen posting a score of 87.7 putting her on the podium in third place, followed by Lucy Davis in 9th. Although they walked away with 8th place, we feel that this was a very strong showing from the young NZ squad. Special props to Connor, Beau, and Jordan who managed to produce three beautiful and very cohesive videos for King of Street. This team has a lot more left in the tank and we are excited to see them do some damage in next year's contest.

Full New Zealand Team:

Alexandra Madsen (Captain)

Connor Ransley

Corey Griff

Beau Wing

Sean McFarland

Michael Wilson

Jordan Chan

Lucy Davis

Joseph Morgan - OUT

Thomas Fitzgerald - OUT


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