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(1230) Catching up with North Scooters

In an industry largely dominated by social media, North has consistently pushed to fund and produce quality video projects which push against the grain on scootering's current priorities. Whether this has looked like giving Maxime Pesin the reins artistically on several projects, offering a platform for Dev to continue to share his wizardry with the world, or simply allowing young riders the opportunity to travel and film, they have been a force for good in our sport.

Dylan Ditchfield's "Be sound that" video


Dylan Ditchfield, Jack Evison, Ioan Middleton, Jake Watts, Sam Turner, Morgan Raybould, and Leon Dummett

Guilhem de Sonneville's "Homecourt" video

filmed and produced by Maxime Pesin

Jon deVrind's "Joy" video

filmed and produced by Jacob Bokelman

North Europe's "setback" video


Jonathan Leggett, Marcel Zurawski, Dylan Ditchfield, Franz Buschmann, Love Svensson, Vilmos Trombitás, Marcell Nagy, and Dodi Kiss

filmed and produced by Maxime Pesin

Pablo Rutschmann's "Zürich is Stained" video

filmed and produced by Pablo Rutschmann


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